Say What, Google Analytics?

Just food for thought:

Top keywords that bring the mad hits to our blog (and by "mad" I mean, eh. We have a few dedicated readers -- y'all are too cool):

hungry times two

food stereotypes


black food stereotypes

cream cheese thumbprint cookies

hungry times two stainless steel

can't behave when hungry

das ist mir wurst

stereotype black food

So, most make sense. The ones in bold green make me go hmmmm, just like C&C Music Factory.

The overwhelming hits we get from this random post from way back in the day (2008) drives me bananas - my comments about black food and stereotypes, especially considering I usually write about setting apartments on fire and why I love Nutella. Deep stuff right there.

And why fore art thou searching quite a lot for "can't behave when hungry"? I don't know if ever said that about Scott on this blog, but I know I tend to get a little irritable become an unpleasant woman from Hell. Maybe all the hits stem from this post where I casually mention that kids who can't behave in a mid-level casual pizza joint shouldn't be allowed.

Plus, I don't know why so many people Google the German idion "das ist mir wurst" but hey...whatever. If strange things about sausage bring the foodies to us, Das ist sehr prima, ja?

Carry on... more nonsense from us forthcoming.


  1. I came across your blog by searching for "bus riding mee maws who like pimento cheese"


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