Early Friday Shout Out: Nutella

Meet one of my most favorite food items ever.

Yes, it's Nutella, that yummy choco-nutty spread that I just can't deny. I first tasted Nutella at a breakfast buffet at a hotel in Germany (in Munich or Berlin, maybe) my sophomore year of high school (spring break of '96, I think? Oh God. Now I feel really old.) The tasty goodness was packaged in small little individually-sized tubs, similar to butter or jelly foil-sealed packets, and I think I grabbed five, or maybe ten, to stuff in my backpack "for travel emergencies."

It's been a while since I had a jar of Nutella in my home, as it's a dangerous thing. I broke down about three weekends ago and purchased one and have been carefully parceling out the spread, using just a smear between two Anna's Ginger Thins as a yummy sweet sandwich cookie thing. It also tastes bloody good on a warm roll or croissant, or hell, even plain toast. Confession time: I have also dipped my finger in the jar once or twice.

But I haven't gone this far:

{Early 'cause I'm headed to the beach in Delaware with a friend later today. Happy early and yummy weekends for everyone!}


  1. Confession. I purchased a jar of nutella a couple weeks ago and I've now realized, I can never. do. this. again. I ate practically the whole thing with a spoon over the course of 4-5 days. No bueno.

  2. Hmm I must admit for some reason the look and name of Nutella just doesn't sit well with me. But I trust you so I will have to try it sometime and see for myself!

  3. It's pretty much crack in a jar.


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