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Vacation for HTT

HTT is going on a summer break.

We'll be back in September, so keep us bookmarked and don't forget us - you can always enjoy our delightful archives, too. Have a tasty summer!

Go Amish or Go Home

Some swear the ballparks do it best. Others say the ones out of a box aren't half bad. Some like theirs at the movies.

We like them Amish-style.

We're talkin' soft pretzels, people.

For our first outing since our nasty sickness hit us on Tuesday, Scott and I decided to hit up the Dutch Country Farmers Market in Laurel, Md. A little fresh squeezed lemonade and buttery, warm soft pretzel would do the trick to get us back on our feet, yes? This place is so neat - we see it as lots of independent food stalls with offerings you might find at Whole Foods/Farmers Market/Fresh Market/Baltimore's Cross Street Market - only Amish.

Indeed, it was just the right introduction back into the real world - complete with a manic hunt for a spare parking space. We learned after our first trip there that the easiest thing to do to avoid a bump-up or road rage incident in the very crowded parking lot is to park next door at Home Depot. People go nuts for their Amish goods, ok?

Once we we…

Friday Shout Out: Invalid Style

So I'm being a little dramatic with today's post title, but uh, Scott and I are both ill this week.

Between his strep throat and my sinusitis, we're a sniffling, hacking sorry sack of sickness. What kind of tasty treats have we had this week? Unless you count OJ and hot mint tea as cocktails, cough drops as appetizers, or  comfort foods like tomato soup and Mac & Cheese as five-star dinners, it's been pretty lame.

However, no less than three local peeps have offered to bring us the ultimate comforting cure of chicken noodle soup. If it wasn't 102 degrees outside folks, we might have a deal.

My plans for canning strawberry jam were dashed this week due to illness and I'm not even sure local berries are still available in this sweltering climate now. I did, however, snag a tasty cantaloupe. It's been a healthy, cool treat that's soothing to our aggravated throats.


Boo to sickness. Want to know what didn't suck recently? Our…