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It's A Christmas Miracle

In the past week, Scott and I decided to call any opportunity a "Christmas Miracle."

The little elderly dog lost in the park in our neighborhood, a week later found unharmed a few blocks away  -- a Christmas Miracle.
Scott not catching whatever funky virus I had last week -- a Christmas Miracle.
Receiving not one, but THREE packages of our favorite Berger Cookies from two friends in Maryland -- a Christmas Miracle.
It's the little things, y'all.

Las Delicias on the East Side

Planning to pig out on pastries this holiday?

We just visited Las Delicias bakery up the street from our neighborhood for the first time.
We bought a Yule log cake to take to a party, a ham and cheese pastry, and this portly piggie cookie. Good stuff!
Las Delicias, 4405 Central Ave, Charlotte.