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"I love Rooster Sauce!"

To the point: if you haven't tried Sriracha hot sauce, go forth and getchu some!

Check out this article in the NYT by one of my fave writers John T. Edge on the amazing devotion surrounding this sauce. My favorite quote in the story: "It burns your body, not your tongue."

I first discovered it at Doc Chey's in Asheville, NC, and have smeared it on spring rolls, burritos, sushi, hot dogs, and anything else that needs a fiery punch now and then. I most recently had it on some sushi from Taki out in Hermitage and also on glazed tilapia from the Mustard Seed in Mount Pleasant, SC. If you like a little - scratch that - LOT of heat, I highly suggest this sizzling sauce.

Finally, fresh food!

Just a wee bit of the month of May remains and thus I finally broke my self-imposed barrier from the farmers markets.

During a visit to Asheville this long holiday weekend to celebrate my mother's magnificent self turning Sixty-Somethin', Mamma Mia and I checked out the offerings of the Western North Carolina Farmers Market.

This was the market that begat my love for all foods fresh and fantastic during my college years at UNC-Asheville. I recall summer days spent tasting the liberal samples of fresh yogurt cheese and assorted nuts and snackies (Roasted Pepitas, Cuban crackers, dried papaya) from one vendor and buying Coates Brothers produce like it was going out of style (green beans, squash, beautiful fat tomatoes, and strawberries).

And oh, the strawberries -the ruby of the Southern Spring Season. They're only so good for so long, but I relish this fruit like no other.

My friend Beth the blogger brought some berries from her area of the world, Raleigh, NC, to our beach ext…

Beach food

We're at beautiful Sullivan's Island, SC this week and I actually have time/energy to write on this blog. Foods consumed so far include kabobs (with local Shem Creek shrimp, the first time I've grilled shrimp), sandwiches and chips seasoned with a hint of sand and my mom's knock-out good breakfast casserole (sausage, egg, hashbrowns and cheese, all cooked together, yum!)

I picked up another bag of local shrimp today at Mt. Pleasant Seafood, although the freshest of the freshest is at Magwood's. I also snagged some crabbing gear, as I'm hoping to catch enough 5"+ (the legal size) blue and stone crabs tomorrow via the highly technical method known as "noodling." : ) That entails a stick, some string, a lead weight and turkey necks that have been sitting out in the sun for a few hours (crabs love carrion). Overall, crabbing is just as much about the effort/process that goes into it as it i…