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Back To The Garden in 2016

Well hey there.

Yep, we're still here. In 2015 we took a little time to travel (Erin to Alaska, Scott to the U.K.), spend time with friends and family, hike and camp around western North Carolina, dote on our dog Loretta (she says her blog is coming soon!), and work on our two plots in the Winterfield Community Garden.

It's that last thing that we've found so rewarding as of late. Gardening teaches you patience. And that's something we I tend to have in short supply. 
Unlike many aspects of life today, gardening takes time. It requires hard work. And it demands water -- which we've had a little bit of lately. 

Despite the raging temperatures this summer, our garden plots did really well. In the third week of April we planted two cherry tomato, five heirloom tomato, two marconi pepper, two Santa Fe pepper, two eggplant (Japanese and Italian), Provider green beans, three squash, three cucumber, a row of swiss chard, and two rows of Red Burgundy okra. Marigold seeds we…