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Going Greek

I love feta.

In fact, today I ate it on a turkey sandwich for lunch & also on a flatbread pizza for dinner.

I also love Kalamata olives. I add them to salads, tuna from the can with a little olive oil and oregano, and sometimes I fish the olives out of the jar and eat them over the sink, trying not to get the brine everywhere. But I usually do get the brine everywhere.

So when a friend invited me to the Greek Mezes class at Whole Foods Salud! Cooking School, of course I had to go. There would be feta to consume. And hopefully olives. And maybe I could not make a total mess.

Super Sprouts

Below, a beautiful summer salad.

And behind said salad? Well, that's our sprouts jar.

Yes folks, we've become those crunchy hippies that grow our own sprouts. And I kind of love that.

Old School Organizing

I know all the cool kids do Pinterest. I had an account for a year or so a while back & I reached a saturation point with pinning all this stuff that made me feel pretty materialistic (ooh! Pretty dress! Ah! Gotta have that necklace!). Also, I spend my workdays at my desk, mouse and laptop and phone at the ready, for 8+ hours. I need a low-tech break.

Thus my food binder, in all its glory.

Seasonal Sweets

God I love summer.

It's the simple things.

Back To Normal-ish...

After a decidedly stressful and busy summer of crazy house hunting & buying, moving, unpacking, and a conference visit to ATL for me last week, I came back to Charlotte on Saturday craving vegetables and all things not battered and fried or alcoholic. You know, that healthy stuff.

So we hit up the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market and came back with loads of produce -- cucumbers, eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes. A bonus cameo in the photo below: our friends J&B brought over two jalapenos they grew in their garden. (I need to remember my rubber gloves when handling those! Once bitten, twice shy.)