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Publix Does it Again

In a land where Kroger is King, it's nice to know that there's always Publix just beyond the self-imposed drive time limit we've established for grocery shopping. So what if it's an extra four miles past the nearest Kroger - Publix has waaaaay better organic selections, the environs are gleamingly pristine, and the employees must have kick-ass benefits or something because they are always exceedingly helpful and kind.

I hate to think we'll see less of Publix once the Trader Joe's opens in Green Hills. Now, I know that driving to Green Hills will surely cause our drive time limit to implode and forever be damned. But it's the almighty TJ's! We just can't help ourselves. Anyone know when they're opening? Last I heard, they predicted a Thanksgiving date.

But back to Publix. They recently added a Rachel's line of natural yogurt to their dairy section and may I just say to all the yogurt fans out there, get yo self to Publix and gitchu some of this…

Oh Blogger Where Art Thou?

I have seemingly less and less time now to blog lately. Especially since we added a furry friend to the mix, my almost 14yr old black lab Frasier. He's very demanding, this canine. Food and attention at 5:30 in the morning, walks in the mornings and evenings. Baths when his funky self is just a little too odorriffic for words. It's a rough life, but it's good that he's now a Nashville doggie. North Carolina will miss him!

This weekend I worked the Southern Festival of Books, hosting a booth for my workplace. I managed to catch a few festival sessions - my fave being Sherman Alexie, a Spokane Indian author - and also walked in on the tail-end of a NC BBQ session. Who knew the best of southern BBQ could best be laid out with a map detailing the "Balkans of BBQ" with variations of red sauce covering the better portions of NC and then a streak of yellow indicating the lesser-than regions of South Carolina that just doesn't know any better and uses the tainted …

Shameless Self Promotion

Hey Nashville people....please run out and find a copy of Local Table's Autumn 2008 issue - and flip to page 6 for my article on the Natchez Trace Wine Trail.
It's a very cool concept - how can you beat great wines from your own backyard? It was a great story to write - and the research wasn't bad either. If you haven't been to Arrington Vineyards yet, pack a picnic and go!

This season's Local Table has some excellent info - a story on holiday gift suggestions for the foodie on your list, an article on Glendale Elementary and its efforts to encourage healthy food for students and their families, and much more. So check it out!