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Long time, no blog

I can’t seem to get away from the topic of watermelon, as a huge chunk of watermelon is resting on my desk as I type this. Oh well, it’s summer – ‘tis the season, right?

Speaking of seasonal summertime treats, for those of you in Nashville, you’ve got to get over to Miss Martha’s Ice Cream Crankin’ at 4 p.m. this Sunday. Check out the details here – but it’s a Purity Dairy-sponsored event with proceeds going to the Martha O’Bryan Center which works with low-income families. $10 gets you all the homemade and Purity ice cream you could ever ask for. Scott and I have gone for the past two summers we’ve lived in Nashville. Yeah, it’s hotter than hell, and yeah, the ice cream melts so much that I would never, ever suggest you wear white or something you deeply care about to this event. A bib would be a must-have. But, it’s awesome. Lots of church groups and civic organizations compete for the best flavor, there’s live music, and it’s held under the big shade trees in a churchyard on Frankl…


Imagine it...sitting by a campfire, cold beer in hand, stomach nearly full, and then someone cracks open a cold watermelon.

It's the perfect July 4th food, the watermelon. Cool, crisp, sweet, juicy red goodness, with no need for utensils or a plate. Just slice off a wedge and start snacking.

Every time I see a watermelon recipe for something fancy, like watermelon granita or sorbet, I think, "Oh, that would be cool to try sometime" but then sometime never arrives, because the plain and simple chunk of watermelon in hand is just the best delivery system for summer's iconic fruit.

If you haven't had a watermelon yet this season, get yourself to the farmer's market or grocery store and pick one up. You can practice your best Jennifer Grey/"Baby" Dirty Dancing watermelon-hauling line - "I carried a watermelon"?

Weekend Round Up

This weekend was a busy one, with a birthday celebration for S.O. with my book club crew, and a visit from one of Scott’s high school friends.

Friday called for a visit to BB Kings on 2nd Ave. and then karaoke at WannaBe’s on Broadway. BB Kings is what it is – a tourist draw with beer and southern fried everything. A table discussion about “chicken fried steak” – it’s not beef, it’s chicken , deep fried – was amusing. WannaBe’s went beyond my expectations. There’s not many places in Nashville - surprisingly – where you can sing a Merle Haggard (or B-52s) tune and then roll upstairs and ride a mechanical bull. Lots of fun!

Saturday Scott and I hosted his friend from Chattanooga and her husband, who came to visit on a day hotter than hell and wanted to see anything but the Country Music Hall of Fame, but we managed to find a few things to do. Unfortunately we took them to Savarino’s Cucina on Belcourt (just a few doors down from the awesome Theatre).
I liked my eggplant parmigiana, but…