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Dispatches from the Land of the Hot Dish

Co-blogger is networking like mad at a work conference in Minneapolis and I've received word that amongst other things, he's consumed beer cheese soup.

Exhibit A:

Thanks to lovely Laurie for the evidence. Yes, this is popcorn garnish you see. Crazy, huh?

Scraps and Whatnot

The co-blogger (who hasn't blogged in so long that he's probably forgotten how) is out of town this week so it's up to me to determine what I'm making for dinner.

Last night I went out with my coworkers after a very cool ballet performance of Carmina Burana to a downtown Nashville place known for its steak and spaghetti combos. Oy. Their bread and salad were pretty tasty but I didn't care for the entree I ordered. Canned mushrooms in a butter sauce will garner no kudos from me. Icky.

Tonight I surveyed the sorry-looking fridge and pantry and mama mia, pasta again! I sauteed olive oil, crushed red pepper, garlic, roasted red peppers, broccoli and a rapidly wilting bag of baby spinach, over some leftover egg noodles from Scott's recent beef stroganoff success.
To plug a friend's recent blog post, check out the many reasons to pig out on pasta.

Tomorrow night some friends and I are dining at Germantown Cafe, which is donating a portion of its proceeds to an HIV/A…

Southern Lovin', I mean, Living

Three cheers for moi and my elusive co-blogger: this Tuesday marks our second anniversary!
On April 21, 2007, Scott and I wed at his family's home on Sullivan's Island, SC, joined by our lovely family and friends. It was a marvelous occasion, indeed.

Just to reminisce, not that I actually ate much of this food (no one warned me that you don't get to eat at your own wedding!), but our fabulous catering company served up many tasty delights, including my favorite, the unforgettable and totally classy cheese castle:

Note that I did not request this marvel of dairy goodness. The caters simply were that good - they surmised that any wedding of ours would not be complete without a structure composed of the best stuff on earth. Damn, they were right on.

In "other things we go nuts for": Scott's a fiend for for key lime pie, so when my mom visited for Easter, I wanted to make something pretty special. This loverly recipe, courtesy of Southern Living magazine, aka The Bib…

Random Thoughts on a Sunday

I have a bit of a headache from exercise-related dehydration, hormones, and oh, the four bevvies I had last eve, so though my interest in blogging today is strong, my skillz are a bit lacking.

Just a few foodie things:

- Cilantro is amazing. Most likely my favorite herb ever.
Yesterday the cashier at Publix had to sanitize her hands after scanning the cilantro because she says she's allergic (I don't use plastic produce bags when I shop - too much waste) and we got into a conversation about how her doctor encouraged her to eat it to build up resistance. I listed all the ways I use cilantro - stir fry, Mexican, salads, garnishing soups, et al.
We shared a moment, that clerk and I. She told me I was welcome to not plastic-bag my produce anytime.

- Mung bean sprouts are also incredible.
Scott reminded me of my little obsession with them when we dined at Pho Yen Hoa one evening this week. The sprouts were in everything we ordered, from the summer rolls - those little parcels of goodnes…