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Calling Out For Pizza

I was so proud of myself, scouring for some new recipes, making a meal plan for the week with some nutritious foods, and hitting the grocery store early in the weekend.

Then I made a shit dinner on Monday night.

You may think shells with caramelized onions and blue cheese sounds like... a thing. A nice thing. An easy thing. A tasty thing.

Sure, Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers cookbook, thanks for this idea. It sounded delicious. I like caramelized onions. You know I dig on some pasta. And the blue cheese - yes yes, I do enjoy the dairy products. It seems like it could work.

But then I got overzealous with my food processor and the six (!) cups of chopped onions turned to paste. I turned to mushrooms instead. Bad idea.

I forlornly served up the meal to Scott, who took a semi-enthusiastic bite. His face kind of fell. He pushed the shells around on the watery cheese sauce. I poked at a mushroom and took a bite. Oh my.

I shotgunned my glass of pinor noir and thusly declared dinner a d…