3 Hungrys at 2 Amys

Newbies that we are to the food scene here, we’ve become savvy to the myth, the legend, and the wonder that is 2 Amys.

With Scott’s dad as our co-explorer of the Greater DC the weekend before last, we convened at the steps of 2 Amys. I arrived first and learned of a 90 minute wait time for a table – I soldiered on and put our name on the list. By the time the men folk joined me, we had about 45 minutes to kill.

Such was the cluster, making our way to the bar in the back area. We found a string of lucky patrons seated at the bar nibbling away at antipasto and delicious looking pizza pies. Enviously, I hovered over them, not out of jealously but out of necessity – the bar and back area was solidly packed with people. You had to hold your drink to your chest like Mama Bear protecting her cub so you wouldn’t spill a drop when inevitably you bump into the person next to you.

2 Amys was certainly bursting at the seams on a big night, surely violating some sort of fire code. It’s so loud in there, which can be a deal breaker for me. When the din of diners is incredibly elevated, it obliterates the ambiance, mmmkay? Also, several tables had families with young children, one of which was a screamer. This was no bueno. Sorry if you have kids and think that they should be integrated with the big people at dinnertime, but if they can’t behave and not shriek at eardrum-shattering levels, they do not belong at places like 2 Amys.

The big deal about 2 Amys is that they produce D.O.C. pizzas – authentic Neapolitan style that must pass certain standards per the Italian government – so there was no way we weren’t ordering a D.O.C. We went with a starter of potato and prosciutto croquettes and a salad of escarole and hard boiled egg with anchovy dressing. Both were teeny portions for sharing and the croquettes would have been nicer with some sort of dipping sauce.

Our pizzas arrived – the D.O.C. Margherita with simply tomatoes, basil and buffalo mozzarella, the Stuffed Ripieno Extra (similar to a calzone) with ricotta, salami, prosciutto, pancetta, and tomato, and the Puttanesca with tomato sauce, rapini, fresh mozzarella, garlic, anchovy, and hot pepper – and we delved in greedily. I’ve never seen pizza fly off the plates like that before.

The D.O.C. was the best – crispy crust with occasional soft and puffy pockets of dough and REAL creamy, stringy mozzarella cheese. I died and went to proverbial pizza heaven. The one that all three of us thought was a little off was the Puttanesca – with those ingredients, you’d think it would be a spicy taste explosion, but it was actually bland.

If you make it past the wait time to 2 Amys, go for the D.O.C. pizzas. You won’t be disappointed and hopefully the only screams you’ll hear or make will be ones of delicious delight.

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  1. They need a "no children" section. But sounds pretty dang good!


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