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If Digging In The Dirt Isn't Your Jam

Gardening is the focus of my posts here these days, but I realize it's not for everyone.

For several years Scott and I lived in rental houses and skipped around so often that it wasn't worth it to garden. It's requires advance planning and it's physically demanding -- just like work --  and we know some people have an aversion to that sort of thing. Maybe your yard isn't set up for optimal sunlight or your knees just won't let you bend low to grab stuff off the vines. And perhaps it comes down to time -- there's never enough of it, right?

So if you love fresh produce but gardening isn't going to happen, you have some options.

Consider joining a CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture program. It's like a subscription for fruits and vegetables.

The Charlotte Observer's Kathleen Purvis recently wrote about CSAs, and the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association just shared a video and local CSA search engines in their recent e-newsletter.

Hit the farmer…

Digging In: Garden Prep For Spring & Summer

I know it's nearly spring because 1) I'm popping antihistamines and guzzling hot tea to soothe my allergies, and 2) we just planted broccoli, beets, carrots and broccoli rabe in the community garden plots this past weekend.

At home I planted three containers of bibb lettuce and four containers of Red Russian Kale. The herb seeds we scored at a recent Grow Share Charlotte seed swap are now planted in some old pots I found in our shed and soaking up the daylight in my office windows on folding TV trays. (We are some cheap frugal resourceful types, I tell you.) Hopefully in a week or so we'll have Lemon, Thai and Genovese basils, tarragon, lavender, marjoram and thyme friends sprouting.

Here are the herb pots below, transported in the Little Red Wagon Scott found abandoned and slightly paint-splattered on a property in Concord. Again, we're so cheap frugal resourceful.

We had a productive workday at the community garden on Saturday. Over 15 garden members mulched the new fr…