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Last month we trekked with some friends to the Asheville area for some much needed R&R. 
"R&R" = cheese, y'all. 
We rented a cute cottage in Swannanoa via Airbnb and planned a fun Saturday out on the Western North Carolina Cheese Trail. Our trip planner extraordinaire friend J nailed down a few to try out -- we didn't want to overdo the cheese (I know, hard to believe, but that could get ugly) and we also wanted to save a little time to check out downtown Asheville. 
Our first stop: Hickory Nut Gap Farm in Fairview. Currently in expansion/renovation mode, the farm is the perfect spot to say hello to some horses, gape at the goats, and peruse a wide variety of area products in their store. I bought some local honey for our pet sitter, some Lusty Monk mustard, the farm's salami, and a brisket. 

Next we took a short drive over to Looking Glass Creamery, also in Fairview. It's a small adorable cottage with an adjacent meadow of goats. Here we are with on…


Where Does General Tso Chicken Actually Come From?
From TED Radio Hour -- Takeaways: It's pronounced "Tsow" (rhymes with "Ow"). Fortune cookies don't exist in China. All the food we Americans think we know as Chinese really isn't. (It's still sweet and spicy goodness, though.)

Friendship Trays & Friendship Gardens We volunteered last week with these orgs, planting radishes and carrots in their plots at their main distribution center. It was great to meet some new people, get our hands dirty, and help out.  And they have a garden sign made of metal utensils - I want to make one for our yard. 
Second Helpings  A carry-out and catering shop on the East side that employs women with records. The service was slow but the chocolate cake rocked, as did the kale soup loaded with veggies and the grilled pimento cheese sandwich. They're trying to attract more business, so CLT peeps get on it. 
Nashville I'm visiting in a few weeks for work and I'm rea…