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Friday Shout Out: Get Used

I'm tickled about this trio of melamine nesting bowls from Kudzu Antique Market, purchased last weekend during a trip to Decatur, Ga. for a family wedding.

They were priced right, have a cute little lip on one side for easy pouring, and are apparently a Danish brand called Rosti Mepal.

Though I have friends who won't touch antique, vintage, "retro," or thrift-shopped goods -- they think they're cursed (huh?) or just plain yucky -- I am all about it. Consider the environmental benefits, and the fact that shit was just cooler back in the day.

What used or "pre-loved" items are you loving right now? Where do you go to find them? Let us know, and please have a bang-up fabulous weekend. We're having a dinner party of sorts this weekend (with not one but two lasagnas) and may get a larger dining room table just for the occasion -- via Craigslist -- curses be damned!

A New Favorite: New Orleans

Note: We're back on Blogger! Sometimes you learn if it ain't broke, don't fix it. (Sorry, Tumblr.)

"I called New Orleans 'a small model of all the best of America' because I have found here a vivid expression of my conception of what the United States can be at its best -- a truly multicultural place, in which all social, ethnic, and economic elements of the society have somehow managed to fashion a distinct and vibrant culture out of the tensions among their differences.  This embrace of diversity is a beautiful thing, when you can find it."   -- Tom Piazza, Devil Sent the Rain: Music and Writing in Desperate America
Amen, Tom Piazza. We found it, we drank it in, gobbled it up, and embraced it. Then we came home and wondered why it took us so long to get there.

Our New Orleans trip over the New Years holiday wouldn't have happened if our Nashville friends hadn't initiated the visit. Thanks friends, for the introduction. And hello to our Asheville …