Three Years Of HTT

For three years now we've shared our eats - what we ate, what we hope to eat, and what we dream about eating.

What have we liked best about it?

S: It's been fun teaching a DC-based British photog how to peel shrimp, all via photos on this blog.

E: I received a nice letter and coupon for a free jar (any size!) of Duke's Mayonnaise out of it after I shared my post on the company website. That's pretty damn cool. See, blogging CAN pay off!

What's been the greatest challenge?

S: Keeping it going.

E: I agree. Also, trying to stay away from food writing cliches, though I do apparently like to use the word "goodness" a lot.

What's the bad thing about food blogging?

E: Besides all the calories? Trying to say something original and interesting about simple things like mayonnaise. Or pork. Or the pizza we ate last Tuesday.

S: Uploading the pictures.

E: Maybe it's time for a new blog program?

S: No, I'm just a Luddite.

What are the hopes and dreams of HTT?

S: I look forward to trying out Finnish and Scandinavian recipes from one of our Moosewood cookbooks this winter. Bring on the parsnips and rutabaga, y'all.

E: Uh, that sounds gassy.

S: We can't all eat California lettuce in the winter.

E: Can't we compromise and make some minestrone? I really hope we can finally make it to Montreal so I can finally try poutine and those smoked meat sandwiches you always gloat about.
I love traveling to places and reporting back on what we've tasted. Always so fun!


S: Has it really been three years? Didn't we start this when we lived in Academy Square (damn you stainless steel appliances!)?

(Conversation about how to link text in our blog. Old Man Grizzly Adams is perturbed.)

E: Yep. We needed an outlet for both writing and eating. I think we do them both pretty well.

S: You write more often than I do, but I make the occasional guest appearance. I'll try to post more often.

E: That would be excellent. Especially since you just learned how to post a picture and links. Way to go, Granddad.

And thus here ends our conversation. Thanks, HTT friends. We'll keep eating and blogging if you keep reading and commenting. Deal? Ok. Now we have to go - we have a Bacon candy bar to eat - an early birthday gift from a friend!


  1. like the new background! happy blog anniversary! blog-iversary?

  2. Thanks! I tried out a headline featuring the word "blogiversary" and it just looked weird to me!


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