If your Refrigerator's Running....

Last week a co-worker and I discussed stainless steel fridges - he purchased a new fridge recently and was miffed that it isn't magnetized.

For me, this is just reason one of many I'll never purchase any stainless steel appliance. My magnets are fantastic and a naked fridge would just look weird in my kitchen. Here's a photo of our current fridge "magnet configuration":

We've collected travel magnets (Rocky Mtn. Nat. Park, Winston Churchill War Room Museum in London), freebies, ones gifted to us, and food-related (Five Star in Raleigh, Sweet Heaven - no longer in business in Asheville, NC - Doc Chey's Noodle in Hotlanta, amongst others) and I can't imagine making a beer run to the Frigidaire and find them all gone.

I truly feel a fridge is blank slate upon which you opt to either share your little quirky magnets, photos, art and the like, or you just let it become this big dumb ugly box in the corner. Does anyone else have strong feelings on fridge decor?

Another reason I won't purchase a SS fridge is the smear factor: you cannot keep those things clean to save your precious ever-lovin' LIFE. I don't have kids yet, but I would imagine that a gleaming high end stainless steel fridge has nary a slim chance against sticky fingered tots. When Scott and I rented a townhouse last year that had one, I had enough trouble with my own and Scott's messiness - you seriously cannot touch the thing without Wet Wiping your hands first. And even then, there's no guarantee you'll come out unscathed from the grease marks, random mayo or yogurt trails, drips of milk, and other unsightly stains possible in the kitchen environs that a SS fridge will attract.

They're loaded guns, those oh-so-hip and cool, slick and sheeny icons of the kitchen. Just say no and buy the cheaper black one. Don't even get me started on white fridges. Those are also open invitations to have to clean and polish 24/7. And who the hell wants to do THAT?

So enough bitch and moan over the fridge deal. Let's get happy with a few tidbits of recent food-related fun.

This is a fine opportunity to post another photo - I realized the other day that our blog was a bit bleak in the graphic sense. Also, I know we're not posting enough. But hey cut us some slack, bitte (breakin' out the German here, so you know I mean severe business! Translation: please).

Scott and I are making waves to potentially move west, so if any of you fair readers know people who know people in Colorado (the Denver area), Portland, Ore. or Washington State, feel free to help us out in our "networking" ventures. I know, I'm not a big fan of the word networking, but how else do you say, "I need desperate help in making connections with people who know people" without sounding, well, desperate?

Back to the real topic: photo of Scott's British Breakfast this a.m.

Clockwise: two fried eggs, disgusting slop of Heinz baked beans, broiled tomato, three slices of center-cut bacon. Hopefully my husband will live past 40 years of age with this diet.

The man actually willingly consumed baked beans before noon today. I shudder at the memory of Scott happily forking copious amounts of this in his mouth. We saw instances of this common gustatory tradition every morning of our England/Scotland trip last summer, but I always asked for mine "sans beans, thank you." I'm still trying to break through the bean barrier (yet another post), so right now all I can handle are black beans, sometimes kidney beans if the mood is right.

Also, last weekend we hiked at Montgomery Bell Park, west of Nashville, and came across this sign during our search for a potty place (damn those state budget cuts for shuttering the park bathrooms!):

That's one big-ass catfish. Right? I thought so. So big and impressive, I had to snap a photo. I love signs - the weirder the better. I also like old neon signs, which Nashville has in large supply. I'm crappy with a camera, but I intend to go around town and take photos of the Weiss Liquor Store, Bar-B-Cutie, and other places that have these awesome neon signs that have to be 50-plus years old.

I also like BBQ photos - I have this theory that if the pig on the sign is made to be very human, like dressed in overalls while riding a tractor, smoking a corn-cob pipe, etc., the BBQ is bound to be awesome. If it's just a poor pig naked and grinning at you, pass it on by. Hey, I'm from North Carolina, where they really do up their BBQ. I think I'm right on this one.

I'll leave you with a shout-out to this blog someone passed along to me - No Recipes. Mark Matsumoto takes gorgeous shots of the food he prepares and he also has a cool concept on the blog - Dinner and a Movie, where you watch a movie, prepare a dish based on the movie, and post it to your blog with a photo and a banner that links to the Dinner and Movie blog. I want to try this soon!

Happy Sunday Evening - hope your week is tasty and full of laughter and flavor!


  1. We are also magnet whores and firm believers in properly graffiti-ed frigidaires.

    As for the BBQ signs, that is a correct and astute observation which I had never really thought of but certainly rings true. My own hometown has such a BBQ place and I can assure you that Joe the little pig is standing upright, clothed and ready to defend his vinegar based BBQ!

    ps Shaloot wants to know if Scott likes baked beans and toast?

  2. Beth, I haven't seen Scott eat just beans and toast, only the unholy combo I described in the blog, but I wouldn't put it past him.
    Wait: I have a confirmed "Yes, I like them" from Mr. Adams

    Glad you feel the same way on the magnets. You should post your fridge on your blog!
    And thanks for the backup on the BBQ - nothing better than a pig fully clothed, advertising his porky goodness!

  3. I have a stainless steel fridge and it is also magnetic. But I am a clean freak like Dad so I keep is looking spiffy.


  4. so when Beth said aloud "oh Scott eats beans before noon/breakfast", I didn't know she was talking about the fact that he was eating a brit breakfast, cause when I heard that I was thinking man he is a pukka colonial brit; eating beans in the morning, having his tea, liking maps and apparently beans & toast now... this post confirms it!
    Though that breakfast looks awesome!!


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