Finally, fresh food!

Just a wee bit of the month of May remains and thus I finally broke my self-imposed barrier from the farmers markets.

During a visit to Asheville this long holiday weekend to celebrate my mother's magnificent self turning Sixty-Somethin', Mamma Mia and I checked out the offerings of the Western North Carolina Farmers Market.

This was the market that begat my love for all foods fresh and fantastic during my college years at UNC-Asheville. I recall summer days spent tasting the liberal samples of fresh yogurt cheese and assorted nuts and snackies (Roasted Pepitas, Cuban crackers, dried papaya) from one vendor and buying Coates Brothers produce like it was going out of style (green beans, squash, beautiful fat tomatoes, and strawberries).

And oh, the strawberries -the ruby of the Southern Spring Season. They're only so good for so long, but I relish this fruit like no other.

My friend Beth the blogger brought some berries from her area of the world, Raleigh, NC, to our beach extravaganza known as "Spring Break 2009: We Age Like Fine Wine." (And you know that's right!) Sprinkled with just a pixie-dusting of sugar, those babies were INCREDIBLE.

I brought a quart of strawberries back to Nashville from the WNC FM and they've already vanished, having spent some time noshed on their own, cut and scattered over shredded wheat, and even tossed with spinach, blue cheese and walnuts. Scott thankfully purchased some backups at the Nashville Farmer's Market.

Though I notice tomatoes and squash in bins at markets already, I hold off because I just wonder where the hell they're from. Everyone knows it's just not time yet for a homegrown tomato.
And oh, how wonderful it will be when a ripe fresh-picked tomato will be sliced and placed across two planks of soft white bread smothered in Duke's mayo.

As an ode to what cometh in the manner of all things fresh, here's Guy Clark doing his thing:

Yep, what would life be without homegrown tomatoes?