Beach food

We're at beautiful Sullivan's Island, SC this week and I actually have time/energy to write on this blog. Foods consumed so far include kabobs (with local Shem Creek shrimp, the first time I've grilled shrimp), sandwiches and chips seasoned with a hint of sand and my mom's knock-out good breakfast casserole (sausage, egg, hashbrowns and cheese, all cooked together, yum!)

I picked up another bag of local shrimp today at Mt. Pleasant Seafood, although the freshest of the freshest is at Magwood's. I also snagged some crabbing gear, as I'm hoping to catch enough 5"+ (the legal size) blue and stone crabs tomorrow via the highly technical method known as "noodling." : ) That entails a stick, some string, a lead weight and turkey necks that have been sitting out in the sun for a few hours (crabs love carrion). Overall, crabbing is just as much about the effort/process that goes into it as it is about steaming up a heap of crabs with Old Bay and butter on the side. We'll see how the back marsh at Pitt St. Bridge Park treats us.

Sea critters aside, it's burgers tonight. I'll be grilling them on the charcoal grill my uncles have wrigged up in true Adams Men fashion, i.e. CHEAP bastards who troll the streets on garbage day saying, "Hey, I could use that," or "Hey, I could fix that." Our grill, which works wonderfully, is a previously discarded grill body (legs rusted of it long ago) balanced on a large cylindrical terrra cotta pipe section. Awesome! Well, more reports on food and potential crab injuries later.



  1. Welcome to the beach!

    I see you already found the best place to get local seafood, but don't forget a long string for dangling from the Pitt St. bridge!

  2. Talk about foreshadowing! You jinxxed Jeff with all the injury talk! Those oyster shells are no joke.
    Way to blog while on vacay!


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