"I love Rooster Sauce!"

To the point: if you haven't tried Sriracha hot sauce, go forth and getchu some!

Check out this article in the NYT by one of my fave writers John T. Edge on the amazing devotion surrounding this sauce. My favorite quote in the story: "It burns your body, not your tongue."

I first discovered it at Doc Chey's in Asheville, NC, and have smeared it on spring rolls, burritos, sushi, hot dogs, and anything else that needs a fiery punch now and then. I most recently had it on some sushi from Taki out in Hermitage and also on glazed tilapia from the Mustard Seed in Mount Pleasant, SC.
If you like a little - scratch that - LOT of heat, I highly suggest this sizzling sauce.


  1. It has taken every bit of self restraint to refrain from making a very dirty comment on this post!

  2. Get yo mind out of the gutter.
    Jeezy Chreezy...now I am actually wondering why that didn't occur to me as I posted!


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