Thanks For the Condiments -- And The Memories

Ever had good friends move away?

I bet you have. 

Ever helped good friends move away -- and then received all the condiments in their fridge? 

I'm not so sure that's a thing. But I'll tell you -- It's a mixed blessing. 

All joking aside, these two friends are golden -- the kind of friends you make fast with ease and comfort. And we miss them very much as they settle into their new city of Seattle. We most definitely will visit them as soon as we can. (AHEM, THIS MEANS 'PREPARE THE GUEST ROOM ASAP'.)

Scott and I helped these wonderful peeps load most of their belongings in their Pod, which is quite the endeavor if you haven't encountered the Almighty Pod before.  At one point in the packing process, I really thought they'd have to downsize and start plucking items off for a Goodwill pile or curb alert (a past experience with our Nashville move.) I didn't dare say this out loud to concern our friends. But somehow it all fit -- a moving miracle!

As thanks for our help, the friends gifted us with a half dozen or so frozen packs of rock fish from a trip to Alaska last summer. We were happy to unload their freezer -- the fish is delicious lightly broiled with some sage brown butter they also gave us, or in white wine. And then came more goodies from their fridge: their gently "pre-owned" condiments. 

This is just a third of the condiments bestowed upon us. 
You learn a lot about your friends from their condiments.

This couple loves hot spice, as evidenced by the infernal Tortugas Lie hot pepper sauce from Nags Head, NC that I thought I could handle. NOPE. TOO. MUCH. But the chili garlic sauce is just right and I frequently use the Thai Kitchen red curry paste in stir fries. And of course Texas Pete's is versatile.  

They also shop at Trader Joe's. I can now vouch for TJ's Midnight Moo organic chocolate syrup -- yes, organic -- and their organic ketchup and organic maple syrup. Sense a theme? 

Unique regional condiments included course stone ground Lusty Monk mustard from Asheville, NC and Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce of Cincinnati. These friends love travel and are adventurous!  No wonder we like them so much. 

As one of them is vegetarian, there was a vegetarian Worcestershire sauce and stir fry sauce. And a vegan-friendly mayo. Thanks to our dear friends, I now have tasted vegan eggless mayo. It's no Dukes, y'all

We're now down to a tube of Whole Foods tomato paste and the organic ketchup, and one last frozen fish packet to enjoy. What will happen when it's all gone? Must we find other friends moving away to snag their mustard, relish, jellies and whatnots? 

If there's a lesson to be learned, it's this: good friends will reward heavy lifting with tasty things. And you can hold on to these friends despite the distance if you make the effort. Now can you please pass the jelly