Friday Shout Out To Little Debbie

The Hungry Times Two crew celebrated an eighth wedding anniversary this past Tuesday.

Eight years since I rode up to the wedding site in a pimped-out golf cart (how they roll in coastal South Carolina). Eight years since Scott and I made some vows to honor, cherish and always share our shrimp & grits (but never dessert, right hon?). And eight years since the debut of THE CHEESE CASTLE.

We didn't celebrate this week with a structure made of cheese, though we are attending the Carolina Mountain Cheese Fest in Asheville this Sunday with some friends. If there's a castle there, you know I will find it.

Rather than go out, we made dinner at home on Tuesday night to celebrate eight years of Scott & Erin shenanigans. On the menu: grilled steak with a parsley Parmesan salad, roasted asparagus, Hasselback potatoes, a salad of our garden's arugula, spinach and butter lettuce, and yeast rolls, And maybe a bottle of Pinor Noir.

And for dessert? We kept it classy, y'all.

This choice was inspired by one of the songs played during our wedding reception dancing. And when I say "dancing," that's a stretch. We did vigorously bust a move, though, to Southern Culture on the Skids' "Camel Walk." The band throws out Little Debbie snack cakes during their shows. And sometimes fried chicken -- that's a messier food situation.

Enjoy the snack cake song here below, and keep an eye out for a cheese castle. Or a Little Debbie. Those Swiss Cake rolls have their place, too sometimes.



  1. Good to see the blog waking up again, at least once in awhile. I've been cooking from this recently, about as non-Southern as you can get:


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