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Three cheers for moi and my elusive co-blogger: this Tuesday marks our second anniversary!
On April 21, 2007, Scott and I wed at his family's home on Sullivan's Island, SC, joined by our lovely family and friends. It was a marvelous occasion, indeed.

Just to reminisce, not that I actually ate much of this food (no one warned me that you don't get to eat at your own wedding!), but our fabulous catering company served up many tasty delights, including my favorite, the unforgettable and totally classy cheese castle:

Note that I did not request this marvel of dairy goodness. The caters simply were that good - they surmised that any wedding of ours would not be complete without a structure composed of the best stuff on earth. Damn, they were right on.

In "other things we go nuts for": Scott's a fiend for for key lime pie, so when my mom visited for Easter, I wanted to make something pretty special. This loverly recipe, courtesy of Southern Living magazine, aka The Bible for all of us Southern born and bred-ladies, did the trick.

And speaking of tricks, when you don't own a zesting tool and the Joy of Cooking tells you to gingerly cut off the rind of a key lime (and those suckers are tiny!) without peeling off any of the bitter white pith with the peel, how on earth do you not lose your mind? I just couldn't seem to get the hang of it - white pith aboundeth and I curseth the zest. A lot. But in the end, I just went with it - bitterness be damned - and chopped up the little green bits I managed to "zest" and it all turned out well for the frosting.

Hope your week is zesty and full of goodness,



  1. I just have to say that I *still* have dreams about that Cheese Castle. Surely this is what the gates of Heaven look like? It was fabulous as was your wedding :)

    Girl, Zesters Are Da BOMB!! Definitly one of my most favoritest (and scariest as I always envision grating my arm along with the produce) kitchen gadgets.

    Congrats on Dos Anos! Hope you get to have a lovely meal to celebrate!

  2. CHEESE CASTLE!!!! Oh how I WISH I knew you then.

  3. Oh the cheese castle. Eric & I had our picture made with it at the wedding! The whole wedding was a blast-- Happy 2nd Anniversary!


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