Old School Organizing

I know all the cool kids do Pinterest. I had an account for a year or so a while back & I reached a saturation point with pinning all this stuff that made me feel pretty materialistic (ooh! Pretty dress! Ah! Gotta have that necklace!). Also, I spend my workdays at my desk, mouse and laptop and phone at the ready, for 8+ hours. I need a low-tech break.

Thus my food binder, in all its glory.

This is where all the food magazine pages, random recipes and random notes regarding all things edible wind up. In a perfect world, it would be filed and well organized. Pffff... fooey on that. Notice in the photo below, the left pocket is crammed -- I mean SWAMPED -- with good food ideas. When I finally have a moment, I break out my equally old-school one hole punch (yep, I don't even have a snazzy three-hole thing to make it easier) and file these babies away.

Ideally, each thing is sorted by nice categories like vegetables, sweets, sides, and products/gifts. I like that the veggie portion is crammed with clippings and pages and the sweets section is a little thin. Were that only a true reflection of my diet...

Though I have 50+ cookbooks, I'm finding my binder is my go-to during the weekdays when I need a quick supper idea or I have four eggplants and no idea of how to use them. Instant inspiration, and no double-clicking or log in required. Take that, Pinterest!


  1. I do it like this too! It's why I don't want an iPad. I'm afraid the iPad would cause me to neglect my binders.

    I love your blog.

  2. Thank you Katy! I am in equal awe of your blogging skills -- a great way to shed light on a tough issue. Hope you are well!

  3. I use an old spiral notebook and simply scotch tape recipes torn from magazines to the lined pages.
    It's a tangible thing and not electronic, plus I like the purty pictures of the finished product...not that mine ever look that. Thank you, professional food photogs!!

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