Super Sprouts

Below, a beautiful summer salad.


And behind said salad? Well, that's our sprouts jar.

Yes folks, we've become those crunchy hippies that grow our own sprouts. And I kind of love that.

Last year for Christmas my mom gifted Scott with a packet of alfalfa sprout seeds from Williams-Sonoma (by way of TJ Maxx, I do believe. There's no denying the Maxx.) I was a bit puzzled at first, as the the packet indicated that we needed the companion growing tray to make some sprout magic happen. And lord knows anything that comes from Williams-Sonoma is going to cost you.

However Scott hit up the Internets and discovered that a good ol' Mason jar and a small square of window screen are really all you need. Of course a crafty project involves a canning jar -- these days, don't they all? (I'll admit, I have my eye on this. And that)

So after soaking about 3-4 tablespoons of seeds in water overnight, drain them, toss them in the jar, place the screen over the jar, and screw on the lid. Swish the seeds around in the jar to spread them around (they'll stick to the jar sides, which is fine) and tuck the jar in a dark spot, like a pantry or cabinet. Water and rinse the seeds twice a day  and in a few days, you'll have crunchy and tasty sprouts to enjoy. It's that simple.

I love growing them and I especially love not having to spend $3 or more on a plastic container of sprouts that inevitably brown and go bad before I have a chance to use them.

Got any food tricks up your sleeve? Let us know, and happy weekend!


  1. so long pricey sprouts that spoil in a day.


  2. Indeed -- so easy and I forgot to mention they taste better than grocery store sprouts. I want to see if I can do mung bean sprouts this way also.

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