Go Amish or Go Home

Some swear the ballparks do it best. Others say the ones out of a box aren't half bad. Some like theirs at the movies.

We like them Amish-style.

We're talkin' soft pretzels, people.

Credit: Michael Lorenzo/sxc

For our first outing since our nasty sickness hit us on Tuesday, Scott and I decided to hit up the Dutch Country Farmers Market in Laurel, Md. A little fresh squeezed lemonade and buttery, warm soft pretzel would do the trick to get us back on our feet, yes? This place is so neat - we see it as lots of independent food stalls with offerings you might find at Whole Foods/Farmers Market/Fresh Market/Baltimore's Cross Street Market - only Amish.

Indeed, it was just the right introduction back into the real world - complete with a manic hunt for a spare parking space. We learned after our first trip there that the easiest thing to do to avoid a bump-up or road rage incident in the very crowded parking lot is to park next door at Home Depot. People go nuts for their Amish goods, ok?

Once we were inside, we waited a good 10-15 minutes in line for our shared soft pretzel. So good. We then hit up the pickle/all things fermented stall, where we purchased some kalamata olives and Old Bay Pickles. Those pickles are so fine. We also hit up the bulk goods stall for some Bob's Red Mill  unbleached all purpose flour, trail mix, corn for popping, muesli, and a few other tasty things. Their produce vendor is pretty great - we hit it up for eggplant, mushrooms, zucchini and cucumbers.

If we had to pick a favorite vendor, their meat counter might be tops. You take a number, step back, and wait your turn. I took number 04 when one of the counter persons called out "84." You have to be quick or they'll skip you and move on. It's worth the wait, though - we scored some natural ground sirloin, herbed and peppered sliced turkey breast, and spinach & feta sausages for grilling.

There's a sit-down restaurant on site, and a creamery that doles out big two-scoop cones, a cheese counter with plentiful samples (please use a clean toothpick each time!) and a bakery churning out breads and Whoopie Pies, but we go for the pretzels and the meat.

I have couscous chillin' in the fridge right now for a Middle Eastern light dinner. You know I'm back on track when I'm ready to get back in the kitchen. Hope you're enjoying something tasty this weekend!


  1. You had me with the title of this one.

  2. Oh, KG. Thanks for reading!

  3. Oh yeah! That is one thing I miss about living in Phila, the soft pretzels. Mmmmm.

  4. This look pretty awesome! Thanks a lot for the post, can't wait to see more. Glad I found this blog on the internet


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