Friday Shout Out: Invalid Style

So I'm being a little dramatic with today's post title, but uh, Scott and I are both ill this week.

Between his strep throat and my sinusitis, we're a sniffling, hacking sorry sack of sickness. What kind of tasty treats have we had this week? Unless you count OJ and hot mint tea as cocktails, cough drops as appetizers, or  comfort foods like tomato soup and Mac & Cheese as five-star dinners, it's been pretty lame.

However, no less than three local peeps have offered to bring us the ultimate comforting cure of chicken noodle soup. If it wasn't 102 degrees outside folks, we might have a deal.

My plans for canning strawberry jam were dashed this week due to illness and I'm not even sure local berries are still available in this sweltering climate now. I did, however, snag a tasty cantaloupe. It's been a healthy, cool treat that's soothing to our aggravated throats.


Boo to sickness. Want to know what didn't suck recently? Our quick trip last weekend to Scott's family's house down in S.C. for a 50th birthday, Hawaii 5-0 style.

There was a roasted pig (no pineapple, though...Southern style, with vinegar and tomato sauce!)

And a boatload of sides, cause this family doesn't do nothin' half-assed...

Finished with delectable desserts, like this pound cake.

In hindsight, we're fortunate the sickness held off so we could enjoy the weekend. Here's hoping we recuperate so we can start to enjoy local summer foods - can't wait until fresh tomatoes are here!


  1. You look beautiful in that pic! Love the purple, lady. I hope you feel better real soon.

  2. Thanks, Miss Thompson! We're on the road to recovery.


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