Friday Shout Out: Not So Kosher

So much for going kosher on Friday.

Yesterday's post mentioned the grand "opening" of the food truck Sixth & Rye. This afternoon I went across the street to their spot at Sixth & I and well, the line was about 100+ people deep.

So I did the next best thing: found a BLT (and added avocado - a BLAT?) from the ol' reliable Cafe Phillips for lunch. It's the anti-kosher thing to do.

Oh, the irony. It tasted delicious...crispy, bacony, greasy... so not kosher.

In case of rapture this weekend, I'm glad I ate the bacon. Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Oh the BLAT reminds me of Sunny Point. MMMMM.

  2. Oh, Sunny Point. We rented a house a mere block away from there back in the day when it first opened. Now you can't even get in the door! We were also close to Lucky Otter...mmmm their Lesson of the Sage burrito!


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