Have Food Trucks Jumped the Shark?

NPR's Mandelit Del Barco examines the future of the food truck craze in this report from yesterday's All Things Considered.

The latest one to hit my metropolitan area is Sixth & Rye, "DC's first Kosher Deli on wheels." A coworker alerted me to this new offering, so we're planning on checking out their debut round around the 'hood tomorrow. Israeli couscous salad or the Kosher Meal deal sounds like buttah to me...not to mention a Black and White cookie for dessert!

My first introduction to the food truck trend was Nashville's Mas Tacos, which has now bloomed into a bricks & mortar operation. Here in DC I have tried Sauca. I think it's a fun notion, but as a friend pointed out this weekend, when you're selling $18 lobster rolls to the DC masses out of a four wheeled vehicle, give us a break. It's grub from a truck... spare us from the high and mighty prices.

Have you found the food trucks to be worthy of acclaim? Got a favorite, or do you feel it's a fading fad?