Bad Day Made Better with Fancy Meat, Cheese

So yesterday evening started out pretty crappy, with one of the Hungry Times Two peeps coming home after a No Good Very Bad Day. Refusing to sign our evening off as DOA, I set about making a dynamite (said in the style of J.J. from Good Times) meal from a kitchen that, from all outward appearances, didn't seem to be chock-full of food.

Using Pam Anderson's (not that Baywatch one) book as my guide, I put together a pot of creamy grits with prosciutto, Parmesan and a little milk. I then chopped up for a salad some mixed greens, a Gala apple, toasted walnuts, an overwhelmingly stinky yet creamy hunk of Gorgonzola cheese, and cherry tomatoes. I also whipped up a pretty tasty dressing from olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a little OJ, and some Nature Seasoning (yes, of the Adams Family Seasoning Hall of Fame.)

I poured glasses of a much-deserved Chardonnay and we sat our beleaguered asses down to what I thought was a pretty sophisticated arrangement of bites that took just half an hour. That salad was so good, it was totally a $10 salad if served in a restaurant.

So, booooooo to the bad day. I totally killed it with this meal.


  1. Glad you kissed the bad day boo boo with a fabulous meal!!

  2. Damn you guys rock when it comes to making up meals! After a rough day over here, we throw in a frozen pizza.

  3. Scott you have yourself one badass wife...just saying

  4. Thanks, y'all. I hate to rely on food for comfort, but it's better than calling Papa John's or eating a bag of pretzels for dinner!


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