Friday Shout Out: “Nature’s Seasons”

Before I met Scott, I was totally unfamiliar with this shaker of seasonings – a mix of salt, pepper, onion, garlic, celery, and parsley.
Scott used the seasonings on a variety of things he cooked to impress me when we first started dating back in the Stone Age of 2002, and it wasn’t until I visited his dad’s house and then his uncle’s house, and then another uncle’s house, and finally their family house down on the coast of South Carolina, that I realized that Nature’s Seasons is definitely “A Thing” with this family.

This stuff is always around, thus the men in the family jokingly refer to it as “Adams Seasoning.” It really is a great mix of just the right things to jazz up whatever – meat, eggs, potatoes, rice, or pasta. I just never noticed it on the shelves at the grocery store until I entered the Adams’ fold.

So here’s to that ubiquitous blue and yellow tube of seasonings on the dinner table or spice rack of every Adams family member’s kitchen. And may there be many meals with them to come!

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Ha! My family's big into Lawry's Season Salt and some new-fangled mix my Dad invented called Moon Dust (to which I said, "shut up, hippie").

  2. haha...I have some in the cabinet. the family would disown me otherwise. - Molly


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