Random Thoughts on a Sunday

I have a bit of a headache from exercise-related dehydration, hormones, and oh, the four bevvies I had last eve, so though my interest in blogging today is strong, my skillz are a bit lacking.

Just a few foodie things:

- Cilantro is amazing. Most likely my favorite herb ever.
Yesterday the cashier at Publix had to sanitize her hands after scanning the cilantro because she says she's allergic (I don't use plastic produce bags when I shop - too much waste) and we got into a conversation about how her doctor encouraged her to eat it to build up resistance. I listed all the ways I use cilantro - stir fry, Mexican, salads, garnishing soups, et al.
We shared a moment, that clerk and I. She told me I was welcome to not plastic-bag my produce anytime.

- Mung bean sprouts are also incredible.
Scott reminded me of my little obsession with them when we dined at Pho Yen Hoa one evening this week. The sprouts were in everything we ordered, from the summer rolls - those little parcels of goodness with shrimp, carrot, pork, and bean thread noodles, to dip in peanut sauce to a beef bun (bowl of vermicelli, veggies, and chunks of beef) and an egg pancake I hadn't ordered ever before. The egg pancake reminded me of an Indian dosa, but filled with sprouts, Thai Basil and veggies.
I purchased a bag of sprouts yesterday and used them in a great salad this afternoon. One minor drawback to sprouts is that they don't keep, so you have to use them fast. I also bought some fish sauce and plan on doing a stir fry soon with chicken and veggies with a sauce of lime, brown sugar, fish sauce, red pepper flakes, and rice vinegar. Topped with sprouts and cilantro, of course.
Yum - I think I just drooled on my keyboard.

- Most margarita mixes suck.
They're always too tangy, super sweet with nasty fructose corn syrup, and they are a color not found in nature. That's why I use - advertisement, ta-da! - Minute Maid Limeade.
Add in some fresh cut limes to the limeade and add your tequila of choice, triple sec, and it's all good.

- I am reading three food-related books right now.
teany book
, by the musician Moby, about his NYC tea shop (very vegan/veggie friendly), How to Pick a Peach by Russ Parsons, and Outstanding in the Field by Jim Denevan.
I finished OITF and thought I laud the concept (connect consumers to where food comes from and how by hosting dinners in actual farms and fields), I wasn't that into his recipes. I hope when fresh produce hits the markets soon I will feel differently.

- I don't know if anyone else has changed their shopping habits recently, but confession: Scott and I gave up Trader Joe's thanks to the "down economy."
We're now back to Publix and occasionally Kroger. TJ's beer selection, wide array of specialty snacks, and higher priced meats, cheeses, etc. hit us pretty hard - so we decided to take a breather and now our grocery bill is $50 less per shop.
I miss certain things like their breads and fruit and nut mixes, but it's worth not having the sticker shock.

Hope everyone has a great week - what are you eating?


  1. Cilantro is the BEST herb, truly. So fabulous and frequently used in Indian cooking to offer a little sweet, cooling flavor to spicy curries.



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