Avoiding A Scarborough Fair Reference: We're Growing Herbs

The new kids on the block: Big Genovese basil on left, Pesto basil on right
After several weeks of unimpressive basil growth from three plants - two Italian large leaf and one Sweet Thai -- in our herb garden at the head of our driveway, I gave up and booked it to the garden center this week.

I purchased two plants - a large Genovese and a small-ish Pesto basil - and sought growing tips from the garden center owner. He advised that I plant these in containers instead of in the ground, and fertilize them.

I'm already excited about the potential for these two and I plan on transplanting the Thai basil to a container to see if I can salvage it and increase the leaf-age. It would be great for the Thai Summer Shrimp Rolls I want to make but have procrastinated since forever - so much that I should probably double check the rice paper wrappers in our pantry for the expiry date.

Below is a photo of our herb garden. It also has two varieties of Oregano that exploded with growth last month, some Cilantro that bolted weeks ago but I am too sad about to remove (I was too late sowing seed for it), Chives, and a Sage bush that is just kinda there.

I only use sage in one recipe regularly - this Spatchcock Chicken I learned in a Mrs. Wheelbarrow cooking class. I tie the oregano in bundles upside down on a clothes hanger in our laundry room and dry it upside down. Once it's fully dry, I lightly whizz it up in our food processor and store it for use in spice shakers.

Recipe Time:

Need a use for herbs like this? Last night I came back to this Salsa Verde recipe, which I served on store-bought mushroom ravioli instead of grits. This cheese-free sauce has ALL the herbs - basil, cilantro and parsley - and features a nice lemon kick from zest and juice. It's perfect for warm weather dishes. Drop the cheese and cream (when do I EVER say that?) and try it on starches, your protein of choice, or anywhere that needs a little lively-ing up. 

Oregano showing off right now


  1. My basil has been less than stellar this year...not sure why!! It is in my raised bed which usually is no problem. Hope you have a bummer crop from here on out.

    1. Glad to know it's not just my rookie mistakes. Maybe this rain will help us out. Thanks for reading and commenting, Jan!


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