Sweet vs. Savory - Sweet Strikes Again!

I'm not that picky an eater, but I do hold a strong principle on Sweet vs. Savory. This is especially true for cornbread - I like it salty/savory, so I'm always disappointed when I get a piece of cornbread masquerading as dessert. The offending piece I had at lunch is shown below, and the establishment that served it shall remain anonymous.

Really though, the place advertised "homemade SKILLET cornbread," so that had me hungry .. and then let down.  Why do people sweeten things that taste better savory? Perhaps it's the "Corn-Syrupization" of our food and taste buds. I've found this to be true when ordering/buying pasta salad (should be tart from vinegar-based dressing), potato salad (should be tart, if white vinegar-based, or salty/mustardy if Southern) and indeed, cornbread.

Perhaps I'll become an eccentric who assumes they can taste-test everything before comitting to it. Wish me luck on future deli/restaurant visits!


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