Calling Out For Pizza

I was so proud of myself, scouring for some new recipes, making a meal plan for the week with some nutritious foods, and hitting the grocery store early in the weekend.

Then I made a shit dinner on Monday night.

You may think shells with caramelized onions and blue cheese sounds like... a thing. A nice thing. An easy thing. A tasty thing.

Sure, Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers cookbook, thanks for this idea. It sounded delicious. I like caramelized onions. You know I dig on some pasta. And the blue cheese - yes yes, I do enjoy the dairy products. It seems like it could work.

But then I got overzealous with my food processor and the six (!) cups of chopped onions turned to paste. I turned to mushrooms instead. Bad idea.

I forlornly served up the meal to Scott, who took a semi-enthusiastic bite. His face kind of fell. He pushed the shells around on the watery cheese sauce. I poked at a mushroom and took a bite. Oh my.

I shotgunned my glass of pinor noir and thusly declared dinner a disaster.

"Let's call for pizza. We don't have to eat this."

Scott clearly agreed. He didn't even fight it. I tossed out the meal and cleaned the dishes.

Less than 20 minutes later, a delivery man saved us with a large pepperoni, mushroom and green pepper pizza -- hold the damn blue cheese.

I don't think I'll eat blue cheese for a while, thankyouverymuch.

Onward and upward... have you made any bad meals lately? Wanna vent? Made something amazing? Feel free to brag about it in the comments below.


  1. No bad meals recently - boring, yes, not inedible though - but I think I'm about to. Got our annual half a grassfed cow a couple weeks ago and I am looking for creative things to do with all the organ meats my wife and vegetarian son won't eat. About to start some homemade sauerkraut, too, but not in the living area of the house.

    1. Nice re. the grassfed cow. You must have a big deep freezer. I did a quick search and all the offal recipes seem to come from the UK (go figure): this looked helpful
      I would try tongue, maybe heart, but kidney and liver I have had and don't care for.
      Good luck with the saurkraut! My only attempt at fermentation was w/ kimchi and that was not so good.

  2. Oh gurl, a few months back, I made a recipe from Cooking Light for Moroccan Style Lamb and Chickpeas served over couscous with arugula.

    Sounds tasty right? Total BOMB. I haphazardly added too much lemon juice and it was just waayyy too lemony. I know part of the problem was the execution, but I just can't bring myself to trust the recipe and try again. Despite my hour long investment in cooking dinner, that ended up a cereal night :(

    1. Lord, I have been there, Beth. I think a trick with too much sour is to add sweet for balance - so maybe a sprinkle of sugar can save a heavy hand? Though sometimes it doesn't work and you wind up with a sweet dish that just sucks.
      I just made a Moroocan dish last night from Bon Appetit that called for chickpeas and roasted chicken but I took a chance and subbed salmon for chicken & simmered it on the stove instead. And it worked out. I was happy!
      Sometimes, though, cereal night is a good thing. Ain't nothin' wrong with it!

  3. Pickled tongue turned out pretty good and is only gonna get better as it ages in the brine. The half beef is our defense against store meat... that and a deer or two (free-range!) will carry us through the year.

    Started the kraut last night, we'll see how it goes. Bottling homemade hard cider today... and looking through 60s recipes in preparation for Feb. 9, the 50th anniversary of the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. It's a Sunday night, so we'll put in the DVD right at seven and relive the old days.

    1. Homemade cider sounds awesome. I like your Sunday night plans!

  4. Cider wasn't bad, the kraut is still developing... but the Sunday night was fun, we cooked a 60s meal (mac & cheese, pigs in a blanket made from little cocktail weenies and refrigerated crescent roll dough, 3-level jello mold, the neighbors brought tuna casserole with potato chips on top) and watched the Fabs right at seven, the way we did first time around. (I remember it, and I was eight.)

  5. Props to you for admitting to a meal gone wrong. There is much pressure for women these days to produce the perfect meal and look perfectly put together while doing it. With that said, disaster or not, blue cheese is amazing!

  6. They can't all be winners, but at least you're in the kitchen and cooking! That's more than I can say!


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