An Apple A Day

In my last post I shared that we hauled back lots of apples from the N.C. mountains.

Since then I've eaten apples in my oatmeal, cored into slices with peanut butter, in a sheet cake, with cheddar slices, and in a celery and blue cheese salad. Our dog Loretta enjoys wrangling the cores out of her red Kong. And yet we still have SO MANY APPLES. One half of our fridge is completely stacked with apples and one crisper drawer is full. We have a bounty of  "Nature's Toothbrush." (Ew.)

Chopped Apple Cake, from the 1987 edition of the Trinity United Methodist Church, Charlotte, cookbook. (My dad was the minister there in the late '80s. The ladies there could COOK.)

At night they multiply in our fridge like amoebas. They're taking over. I think I may become one.

Yesterday I bought hard cider at Total Wine but I think that was a mistake. I just don't know if I can handle more apple-flavored thing. So what to do, what to do?

I checked out the Food in Jars cookbook from blogger Marissa McClelland and found several recipes for small batches (5 pints or less) of  Apple Cranberry Jam and Honey Lemon Apple Jam. Sherri Brooks Vinton's Put 'Em Up!: Fruit has a recipe for Dried Apple Dice for snacking and stuffings that looks good. I found instructions online for making slow cooker (read: Crock Pot!) apple butter that probably needs to happen, as it's definitely Crock Pot season now. And Scott loves applesauce, so I may try to make some of that.

Chances are, I'll gift you some form of canned apple product. There's no use resisting, so just go with it. Please. I need these apples out of my life.

Hope you're all making something good this week -- Let me know! I need something besides apples.