Friday Shout Out: Every Friday Should Be A Good One

Holy heck, y'all. Who turned on the faucet of life and stole the nozzle?

I'm ready for a slow down. I didn't get to blog last week but I managed to make some pretty nice stuff for an Easter meal with my mom.

The main course was this tasty asparagus tart.

You could scatter sawdust on puff pastry and it would taste good, right?  I subbed in some grated Gouda and Parm for the super-expensive Gruyere. (Besides, do you think my sad little Food Lion up the street carries fancy cheese? We're lucky it's not all Velveeta and Cheese-in-a-Can!) I ate asparagus every day last weekend (Fri-Sat-Sun) so I racked up on seasonal eats - thankyouverymuchBarbaraKingsolver.

Served with the tart was a delicious chickpea & roasted red pepper salad, a green salad with a lovely Green Goddess dressing that made my mother reconsider her distaste for anchovies, a baguette from Your Dekalb Farmers Market, and a homemade pound cake.

On Saturday eve, we visited Scott's aunt and uncle up near Crowder's Mountain for a fantastic Easter meal, which capped off with this unbelievable berry trifle. If we weren't raised with manners, Scott and I both may well have just stuck our faces directly into the bowl.

We would never do that, right? Just like I never licked clean my bowl of Mexican Fried Ice Cream on my 10th birthday party at the old Casa Gallardos on Park Road in Charlotte. I still remember the restrained look of dismay as the server took the bowl away from me.

Last weekend I shopped at Atherton Market for the first time, and I nearly bought some eggs but my mom reminded me of her egg hookup. Two of her friends from church raise chickens and their eggs are $3 per dozen -- two dollars less than the vendors at Atherton. I did buy two bundles of broccoli rabe - we became fans of this veg when we had it on the unforgettable cheese steaks at Cosmi's during our Philly trip several years ago. Barton Seaver's recipe for grilled rabe in For Cod & Country helped us use up one bundle. Also, I indulged on a jar of whipped lemon honey from Cloister. Tip: whipped honey on toasted pound cake. It may change your life.

I hope you're in for a lovely weekend with something good to eat and drink -- and go ahead and lick your plate if you have to!


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