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Put An Egg On It

I'm on a doctor-sanctioned "diet," though I'd rather call it a "nutrition plan" or "Erin eats more healthy food now" or something else, anything, rather than that four-letter word.

The doctor suggested I restrict carbs to around just 60 grams per day, so boo on that. Do you ever count them? You shouldn't -- it's depressing as hell. But just to give you an idea: a bowl of healthy-ish non-sugar laden cereal is around 30 grams. So I'm learning not to blow all my carbs in one meal. And no more toast for breakfast. Oh toast. I miss you like crazy.

What do I eat instead? Greek yogurt like it's going out of style (it probably is), moderate amounts of raw almonds, cottage cheese, beans instead of meat in lots of entrees, and vegetables are my new BFFs. I thought I ate "a lot" of veggies before I started this path to hell plan, but it's amazing when you keep a food journal to discover what you really eat. (And no cheating - if you really eat the M&Ms or the big plate of pasta, log it in the freaking book, mmmkaaay?)

And eggs. Oh eggs. Scrambled, boiled, or sunny side up -- they're good for all kinds of meals. Check out my veggies and brown rice bowl, gilded with a lovely egg. I was pretty thrilled about it.

It's been a little over a month now and thus far I'm noticing differences; I have a bit more energy and maybe it's just my imagination but I think my clothes fit a little better. I won't harp on and on about it here on the blog b/c I don't think it's healthy. But I am excited about approaching cooking and eating in a new light -- and maybe feeling lighter along the way.


  1. Yes!! A food journel is the best way to track your path the hell. Do watch out for too many eggs, they are high in cholesterol!! But oh so good with Sriracha! I eat avocados a lot to supplement "good fat". Good luck!


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