Friday Shout Outs: Eggs, Fudge Cheese & Limoncello

It's Friday. Let's make this short, sweet and fantastic.

Yesterday I posted about my new-found love of eggs. Then last night I read in Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Vegetable Miracle (rereading it, as I now have a vaguely deeper understanding of how damn hard it is to grow your own food) about her family's favorite Eggs in a Nest dish. And what's in my email this morning? A friend sharing Eggs in Purgatory, which looks like something we need to cook NOW.

I love it.

File this under "Well, that was something": Last weekend while visiting good high school friends in the Raleigh area, we stumbled upon this at Harris Teeter: Gjetost, a cube of brown Norwegian cheese. A quick Google search indicated it's commonly called "fudge cheese," something the Norwegians like to fuel up on before they hit the slopes. Somehow I thought I'd be ok with that. My friends liked it; I thought it tasted like caramelized Play-doh.

Next up: I need to find something to do with all my canning jars so I can hurry up and buy these blue limited edition Heritage Collection Ball Jars. Oh yes, they will be mine. I'm thinking this limoncello recipe might do the trick. It has to go better than my spiced pear vodka from two winters ago, which tasted of potpourri-infused rubbing alcohol, and was so bad I won't even both finding the link to share.

What's on your plate this weekend?