Friday Shout Out: 'Zine Recipes That Rule

Just a few quick things here, related to our new subscription to Cooking Light.

1)  Scott made this chickpea curry while I was out of town for work this week. I had the leftovers for lunch today and was all about it. We're trying to eat veg at home this year, and it's not too hard (well, not if you go out for BBQ when you need to. But don't go here. I discovered on Monday eve. that they do weird mess to their sauce. Too sweet! Icky.)

2) This recipe for curing boring breakfast toast resulted in a Nutella purchase. Uh oh. Danger danger. Never mind that as I type this, I'm dipping dark sourdough pretzels in the chocolate goodness. And smearing it over my laptop keys. Crud.

3) That is all for Cooking Light shout outs. But you need to get acquainted with this French Yogurt Cake from Bon Appetit. It's lemony, it's not too heavy, and it contains Greek yogurt so you can feel better about the whole deal when you pair it with chocolate or vanilla  Haagen-Dazs. I did.

'Tis all for today. Hope everyone has a tasty weekend - let me guess? You're watching the big game on Sunday with lots of wings and pizza and fake radioactive orange cheese-laden nachos... yes? Good! That's the American Way, y'all. Go team.