Friday Shout Out: Get Used

I'm tickled about this trio of melamine nesting bowls from Kudzu Antique Market, purchased last weekend during a trip to Decatur, Ga. for a family wedding.

They were priced right, have a cute little lip on one side for easy pouring, and are apparently a Danish brand called Rosti Mepal.

Though I have friends who won't touch antique, vintage, "retro," or thrift-shopped goods -- they think they're cursed (huh?) or just plain yucky -- I am all about it. Consider the environmental benefits, and the fact that shit was just cooler back in the day.

What used or "pre-loved" items are you loving right now? Where do you go to find them? Let us know, and please have a bang-up fabulous weekend. We're having a dinner party of sorts this weekend (with not one but two lasagnas) and may get a larger dining room table just for the occasion -- via Craigslist -- curses be damned!


  1. We had a yellow one when I was growing up and I miss it. Funny how certain kitchen items stay in your mind. I really regret giving away my mother's colander.

  2. Yes IJ! I am presently on the hunt for a milk glass chicken salt cellar just like my grandmother kept on the top of her stove - like this one, but not so $$$. Don't know why I didn't snag it before we sold her estate.


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