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I Pledge Allegiance...

Dipping into a new container of Greek yogurt last night, I had a moment.

Cabot-brand Greek yogurt is an affront to dairy products everywhere. Or at least to the far-superior Chobani Greek yogurt. Chobani is creamy, milky white, and has a texture so similar to sour cream that I use it for everything - topping off chili and soups, making raitas, mixing it for veggie dips, and just eating it right out of the container.

Giant grocery store lured me to Cabot with its sale price, but the joke was on me. I paid dearly for a chalky, lumpy and pasty product that would work better as a caulking agent. Ugh.

I think I've been down this road before on the blog, but what are the food brands you're committed to the most?


  1. I am very particular about cottage cheese. I've been lured into buying the Lucene brand at Safeway which is pretty good, and Whole Foods 365 brand is okay too. Though the worst is Nancy's. UGH! Sour, lumpy and just plain awful.

  2. Oh yes, I was lead astray by a sale price + rocking coupon on Yoplait's Greek yogurt. I know I should have just plain known better, but it was a great deal! Chobani is the BEST. We buy it in bulk! Even my 2 year old is a HUGE fan!

  3. Yeah and don't try Safeway's brand of Greek yogurt, its really creamy and watery.

  4. How particular we are about our dairy products! Thanks for sharing, ladies!

    Re. yogurt - Fage Greek is always a top choice of elite foodies, but it's expensive. I haven't had the Yoplait but I imagine it's no good. And forget about store brand... that sounds gross, Shelby!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear that you don't care for the Cabot Greek Yogurt. May I send you a VIP coupon so you can get a different Cabot product from your store? Giant carries a nice variety of our cheddar cheeses. If yes, please email me your mailing address at

  6. My number-one brand loyalty?


  7. I like the yogurt I make. I like it best from the live active culture from my friend of India decent, with her original culture is from S. India. If I must, I buy a brand I only recognize by seeing it at the store. It must be only milk and live active cultures, that is it.


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