Sugar Comas and Google Machines

Blogging sucks. Blogging is the best thing ever. I hate blogging. I live to blog.

Welcome to my mind, in which I debate why I haven't posted more often here lately. Blame my ever-increasing disinterest in cooking -- I had the "mehs" this winter, but damn if it isn't sunny outside and spring is almost here and well, I miss writing and having good tasty things to write about.

So... I'm presently reeling from a dyno-MITE class with Mrs. Wheelbarrow: Easter Desserts rocked my world, and the worlds of friends A & S, who were so smart to join me today to learn how to rock a coconut cake, tishpishti, and a pavlova. 

Let the record show I'm heading out in 20 min. on the greenway to burn off what I'm about to describe:

A hell of a lot of butter, sugar, and other amazing things:

- The coconut cake (2 layers) with a pineapple filling and a Swiss meringue butter cream frosting.

- The Sephardic Passover tishpishti (say it, it's FUN: tish-pish-tee), a flour-less delight of walnuts, eggs, almond meal, sugar (and more sugar), orange zest, and other things baked up, over which a rosewater syrup is then poured and left to soak in. SO good upon first bite, I uttered, "Mercy," which our lovely instructor, Cathy, seemed to appreciate.

- Pavlova, my favorite of the three. A meringue baked and topped with freshly whipped cream and strawberries macerated in sugar and triple sec. Light and chewy, quick to dissolve upon hitting your tongue, while the crunchy bits hang out and make you happy that there's a conduit for whipped dairy products and luscious fruit. 

I'm definitely making a Pavlova very soon - I'll be in Italy for Easter, but who says you need a special occasion for dessert??

 Also presently on my mind: I hit up the grocery store on my way home and bought four bags of odds and ends. Call it stream-of-consciousness shopping. I wondered what I could make for dinner tonight and Google, bless it, came to my rescue.

Did you know you can put in a search for a dish and it will customize recipes based on what you have in your kitchen? The left sidebar lets you check and uncheck ingredients to determine the best recipe for your needs. Observe my search for beef stroganoff - yes, I have no creme fraiche. Thanks for asking, Google! That is kick-ass.

So next time you're making tishpishti or mac and cheese, whatever you choose, Google it up. Muchas Gracias, Interwebs.

And....I'm spent. Got a case of the sugahs, and the greenway & Mr. Sun are calling my name. Off I go - enjoy what's left of the daylight!