Hands Off: The Foods You Would Stab For

I seem to have a knack lately for finding random food-related news stories.

Forget breast milk ice cream: how about waging a full-on fight with the one you live with over Girl Scout cookies?

Apparently someone really loves their Thin Mints. I swear, I could see this happening over the Caramel deLites (formerly known as the far-superior Samoas), but I fail to see what's so special about mint cookies that would lead a girl to get all stabby.

Which begs the question: what foods would you defend with your best sharp kitchen utensil? For me, it might be my stash of emergency cookies (presently Gingersnaps) - that you certainly don't want to fool with, particularly when my hormones are raging.

Enough said. Food stealers, beware. Step off from this Cookie Monster.


  1. Sadly, some folks get their Thin Mint addiction from their mater...what can I say...I must have slipped some into the crib!!

    FYI...I currently have my OWN package in the freezer...


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