Friday Shout Out: Mon Dieu, Mandu

Lunch can be a total crapfest sometimes in my workplace location - Chinatown and Mount Vernon aren't exactly culinary wonderlands. In fact, I was supremely disappointed when I discovered how sad most Asian restaurants are here in D.C.

However, lunch (and dinner) is redeemed: Introducing the Korean delight Mandu.

Credit: clix/SXC
Lightening-fast review of Mandu's new location on K Street, near Busboys and Poets and Taylors:

- Ducks in flight, painted sage green, nailed to the walls. My bird phobia runneth over.
- Quick, pleasant service for lunch.
- Amazing sojutinis (rice vodka drinks). Only $4 at Happy Hour. Yes, more, please.
- Bibim bap: hot stone rice bowl with beef, veggies, sprouts, topped with a fried egg. You will love the crunchy rice on the outside, hot pockets of meat and veg and soft rice inside, and mixing in the runny egg.
-  Half-price ($3) dumplings at Happy Hour. I had steamed beef and pork and an order of fried shrimp dumplings. Both were fresh and hot and savory and everything you want an order of $3 dumplings to be.

Hurray for a place I can go during lunch break that doesn't involve hot dogs, burritos, or expense account meals that totally aren't worth their price.

TGIF, everyone!


  1. So...who has better dumplings Mandu or Hollywood East Cafe?


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