A Day of Healthy Eating

Okay, so this blog post title is a TAD sarcastic! Beer, raw oysters and clams, fries, donuts and more beer is not exactly healthy, in a nutritional/pysiological sense, but they're definitely a mental health/pleasure boost.

The first photo comes from The Brewer's Art, where I spent Friday after work with two co-workers for happy hour. And yes, that IS a pitchfork on the tap, which is appropriate for the beer it dispenses - Ozzy! I had a Chimay glass of it and a pint of Zodiac ale - most satisfying after rushing a grant application around for signatures, etc.

The following day, we spent Saturday in Baltimore for Jason Dick's birthday, the man with the classic quote, "If you think something happened, then it probably did." We met up at Federal Hill's Cross Street Market, where we proceeded to inflict serious damage on Nick's Seafood supply of bivalves. Three Natty Boh's and a plate of Maryland oysters was the start of many an oyster and clam (cherry stones) happily eaten. And if beer and raw seafood wasn't enough, Jason also brought along two boxes of THE BEST donuts I've had in a long time. Laurel, Maryland isn't known for much, aside from having the NSA and being a commuter town halfway between D.C. and Baltimore, but Laurel Tavern Donuts is worth a trip! Oh, and while we're on Laurel, let's not forget the Amish market there as well - great butcher shop, cheese and produce!

Until next time, here's to happy eating and drinking!

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  1. Wow....TWO boxes of donuts?!??
    Most impressive...


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