Saturday Night Bachelor Meal

Erin's out of town visiting a friend, so in my search through the cupboard and fridge, I came up with a quesadilla. (Cue the grandma in Napoleon Dynamite!)

Yes, it's the unheralded Mexican grilled-cheese sandwich, which I embellished with homemade pico de gallo. (gotta' get rid that cilantro that's threatening to rot in the produce drawer) That, plus a dollop of sour cream. (or in our house, Chobani Greek yogurt, Erin says it's healthier than sour cream) Even for a quick, cheap Saturday night meal for one, there can be art/presentation, thus my cutting the quesadilla into quarters, then filling in the gaps with pico and centering it with sour cream. Looks kind of like the old Santa Fe railroad logo, yes? (Any variation on the Zuni sun is always cool!)

The meal was cheap, quick to make and tasty - three winning factors. For a beverage, I took a cue from my down-the-street neighbor Brian and picked up some Modelo Especial from our neighborhood corner shop (Yes, we really do have one!) It's called Dumm's Corner Market, and yes, the best link I found for it is It's nothing fancy and we like it that way! : )

Cheers until the next meal!
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  1. Most "bachelor meals" consist of a pan of canned chili eaten standing at the stove.
    You should be proud of yourself...surpassing that cliche with finesse and style and good eatin'!!!!

  2. Mexican grilled cheese... need you say more? Glad we got to be a part of that deliciousness. Thanks!


    Emily, Communications Manager, Chobani


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