Craving A Big Apple

Good grief, our mini-vacation can't come soon enough.

Next week, we head out for NYC. Thus far, we have:

- Cheap Bolt Bus tix secured. Pray for us that we don't wind up sitting next to the toilets, thanks.

- "European style" Cheap hotel on the Lower East Side booked. Speaking of toilets, the setup is a shared bathroom. Hello, glorified hostel, here we come. Brush aside the bedbugs, pretty please.

- A list of go-to places. We'll keep you waiting with bated breath, so don't hold it in folks. Exhale.

One plan of ours is, for Valentine's Day gifts, to each come up with an afternoon itinerary that would please the other. We will divulge them on V-Day. I can't give my plans for a Scott-irific afternoon away, but I can tell you hunting down the Prada store or gawking at Times Square will not be on the list. (We may have to hit up Dean & DeLuca, though. For real.)

In my use of the Google Machine, I discovered a pleasant treat - it will still be Restaurant Week in NYC! I'm hoping to encourage my frugal dining companion in partaking of one or two participating places. Can I go ahead and say right now that if I'm arrested for stalking Anthony Bourdain, know that it was in the best of interests.

Anyone with suggestions, feel free to share them. It's a big ol' city, folks, and we're not from around those parts. Guidance is appreciated!


  1. A few things:

    For a lists of things that are going on this weekend (both cheap and not so much) try:
    (these list free and cheap)

    Suggested things, food and otherwise:

    *The Staten Island Ferry is the free way to get the best views of the harbor and the city.
    *The Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Heights Promenade and Brooklyn Bridge Park (all amazing views, the last is in DUMBO which is great to walk around).
    *The High Line on the west side of Manhattan - best idea for a park since that big one in the middle of the island.
    *A LOT of museums are "suggested donation" = pay what you want. NYPL is also free.
    *Eataly. Even if you don't buy anything. Go to Eataly. 23rd+Bway. Also, Ace Hotel (29th) in this area is the new hip place to see and be scene.
    *Also check out the former Nabisco Factory, aka, Chelsea Market.
    *Corner Bistro has one of the best burgers in the city and cheap brews - 2.50 McSorley's on tap all day everyday. Also, Shake Shack.
    *Speaking of McSorley's, 7th st btw 2nd and 3rd.
    *Grimaldi's (BK), Patsy's or Lombardi's. Original pizza meccas. Please don't go to anything that "Ray" is associated with.
    *Union Sq GreenMarket will make you happy.
    *The LES can be pretty over-crowded on weekends, full of barely post-college crowd who still thinks it's the epicenter of the NYC scene. That being said: White Rabbit, Cake Shop and Pianos are cool.
    *If you can make it to the Brooklyn Flea Market, it's a good time. Sat+Sun, 1 Hanson Pl, Bk.
    *I could go for awhile. One last: The Cloisters/Inwood Hill Park: tippy-north-top of Manhattan. Very pretty, even in the winter. And Strawberry Fields/The Dakota, 72nd+Bway = John Lennon Memorial.

    Don't plan on sleeping...

    p.s., word verification = brewerst. I'm sure you can find something in NYC called a brewerst.

  2. THANKS anon, whoever you are! Gideon? Craig? Nate?

  3. Craig here, wasn't me. I have never been to NYC and in fact have actively avoided it - the John Lennon memorial and maybe the fish market are all I would care to see there.

    everything else... crowded, dirty, crime-ridden, the people pride themselves on being aggressive and rude... it's not for me.


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