AMAZING Eats: Manhattan, The Bronx and Brooklyn

Somehow I went to NYC and came back ONLY .5 pounds heavier. This, my dear friends, is a sheer miracle, considering all the deliciousness we consumed in four days' time.

This was a trip of many food "firsts" for me, including:
- A steak and eggs brunch at Steak Frites in Union Square
- Matzo Ball Soup at Katz's Deli, where Sally enjoyed that orgasmic sandwich with Harry
- Primativo wine and Panna cotta at Il Passatore, Brooklyn
- Roasted grapes and truffled pate, Oak Wine Bar, Brooklyn
- Spaghetti and clams, Mario's, The Bronx
- Asian-style smoked brisket, yellow curry custard, curried black eyed peas, and whole mackerel at Fatty 'Cue in Brooklyn

The Williamsburg eats in Brooklyn completely blew me away -- there is nothing like enjoying some drinks at this uber-precious Brooklyn bar, and then a few more at this low-key, quiet establishment, and then tipsily staggering your way to some lamb ragu, butternut squash pasta and Brussels sprouts/pecorino salad at this gem, which is staffed by young affable servers with genuine Italian accents. I won't  will shame myself by admitting I was so delirious from the wine and distracted by the outstanding fare that I didn't notice when our dining companion sneakily ordered not one but TWO desserts - tiramisu and panna cotta. The panna cotta was my undoing - it unraveled me nearly to the point of When Harry Met Sally.

By far, Il Passatore was my favorite eating experience, followed closely by Fatty 'Cue - that warm, tender brisket tucked into steamed Asian buns and peppered with chili jam, sprigs of cilantro and red onion slivers, matched with a cup of savory bone broth for dunking, was EPIC.  I asked our server how they smoked their meats and he was kind enough to escort us after we paid the bill to show us their Egg grills and the setup in the back. So friendly!

This trip went beyond bagels and lox -- thanks to the generosity of my oldest friend, Scott and I were treated to several nights of discovery. As I told someone this evening, it's an embarrassment of riches.


  1. YUM. Seriously jealous of your eats. Sounds like yall had a great time, so glad!


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