The Resurgence of Natty Boh!

National Bohemian beer is back on tap after 15 years!

We've lived here almost one year now and much like PBR has a hip/shtick/cool factor across the country, National Bohemian beer, or "Natty Boh," is experiencing a resurgence around here. And as well it should be, given that it was originally brewed in Baltimore's Brewers Hill neighborhood. The original brewery complex is now a mixed-use development of self-storage, housing and nearby shops/restaurants.
If you like the Natty Boh dandy icon, you'll find him on everything possible at Fells Point's Natty Boh Store. You can even get two classic icons on a vibrant red background: Mr. Boh and the Maryland state flag (click link for explanation of juxtaposition of red/white, gold/black, top left).

Natty Boh has its nostalgic and budget-friendly values; as for taste, well, let's just say its "lawnmower beer," meaning it's great for something COLD after a hot stint, or if you're having a blowout party or a chili cook-off. If you're looking for Baltimore microbrews, check out these places (and Brewers Art is pretty nice, so ignore the posts' dislike of it). I'm personally a fan of Heavy Seas' Loose Cannon pale ale, an homage to pirates, yaarrrghh!

Whatever you're drinking, enjoy!